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A glass half full [entries|friends|calendar]

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[23 Jun 2005|01:42am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

making birds out of clay and then painting them absurdly bright colours!
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Happy because [29 Apr 2005|05:41pm]

... I'm getting a raise!
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[23 Apr 2005|08:27am]

[ mood | happy ]

1)The little glow rings around your glass in restaurants lit by the sunset.

2)Ice-cold chocolate milk.

3)The smell of clean sheets when you wake up in the morning with the sun shining through the blinds.

4)An empty blue eggshell under a tree in Spring.

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Mmmmm... [09 Apr 2004|09:07pm]

[ mood | full ]

Tuna on rye with mayo, mustard, and CUCUMBERS.

Need I say more?

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A sunset... [09 Apr 2004|07:25pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I have been starting to feel like a trapped animal in this apartment. It was making me anxious so I did something about it.

I went for a walk. I wanted to be somewhere in nature but around here that kind of thing isn't happening. Even still, just seeing flowers and other plants and breathing fresh air was rather relaxing. I saw some flowers that were a bright blue violet color and they took my breath away. Then I saw some daisies that reminded me of being a little girl. I used to pick off the petals one by one while saying "He loves me, he loves me not..." and this before I even knew what true love is. I was a romantic even then.

The sun was setting so the sky was swirling with brilliant shades of pink and orange. I can't remember the last time I really watched a sunset. It was so beautiful...

I feel so calm now. I need to go on more walks!

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[31 Jan 2004|10:30pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Let's see. What to feel optimistic about...

I'm actually kind of looking foreward to going back to school. I function better when I have responsibilities.

I have a great kitty that I love lots.

I'm finally seeing progress in my battle against depression. It's great waking up and not wanting to die. ;)

I have at least 1 really close friend that I can talk to about anything and can see everyday. *coughhappy_sad_girlcough*

I've started drawing again and I'm confident I can become a good artist if I practice regularly.

My car is finally fixed! It's great having a car again.

Wow this actually really helping me. I was in a good mood to begin with. It would probably help even more if I did it while in a bad mood. Wee!!

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Yay for food! [28 Jan 2004|10:36pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

I have been feeling very grateful lately as a result of people helping me out.

My boyfriend, Vaughan, gave me the money to buy a cat so I am thrilled about that! Then last night I told him I was craving food from Boston Market so he drove me there even though it was in the opposite direction we were going. The food was soooooo yummy!

The other day my uncle Randall called me out of the blue and asked me what kind of food I wanted because he and Lisa were going grocery shopping for me. Yay! Now I have food! They bought me pot pies, milk, cereal, lunch meat, brownies, chips, and all kinds of other good stuff.

My sister is offering to send me a hundred dollars. I hope that works out!

I am feeling more optimistic than I've ever been capable of feeling before.

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